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    Wide range of products manufactured by the plant makes it possible to choose tools suitable for various working conditions and provide efficient high-quality work. In the near future in response to the developing industry a list of products and devices for pneumatic tools, comprising 10 items nowadays, will be enlarged by advanced and truly new types of picks, pick-spades, chisels of various width, working part length, quick-change hammer fastenings and connection assemblies.

    Reference designation:

    If ordered, reference designation of a pick-spade without a booster, made of tool steel, with blade width of 75 mm, blade length of 55 mm, shank dia.24 x 70, cylindrical spiral riffle shoulder, pick length of 32 cm, without coating shall be as follows:
    Pick P-40/075-055-S248-032-00 ТО 3147-124- 00165600-93

    Changeable tools reference designation is made up of the following codes:


    • using advanced technology ‘TEMZ’ plant produce changeable tools from thermally processed high-carbon steel
    • KB-type devices allow to make quick change of tools in response to the change in working conditions without applying much physical force
    • the products were tested in demanding conditions at coal mines, at road-building works and successfully proved their reliable performance

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    Мы производим:

    отбойный молоток,

    шахтный вентилятор,

    электрогидравлический толкатель,

    тормоза колодочные,

    взрывобезопасное оборудование,

    LENIN AV. 28, TOMSK, 634050, RUSSIA, TEL. (3822) 42-08-56