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    Home > Products description > Fans > Mine fan with electric drive VME-5
    The VME-5 mining fans are intended for local ventilation of blind workings at air density of up to 1.3 kg/m3 , temperature from 268 to 308 K, dust content of air of up to 50 mg/m3 , and relevant humidity of up to 95% (at 298 К). The fans are explosion-proof with the level of explosion protection PB ExdI (PB-3B). Small diameter of the blade wheel allows to use the fan  in relatively small blind workings.
    Electric motor 2BPM132M2 with the housing able to withstand gas explosion pressure inside the motor, plus fan’s compliance with the necessary parameters of explosion protection, air-gaps and upholding contamination class of mating surfaces provide explosion protection and decreases the possibility of explosion. 


    -          VME-5 fan delivery can be adjusted by turning the blades of the blade wheel in the non-operating mode
    -          vibrational and thermal shutdown when the temperature exceeds normal value or the bearings start to  vibrate
    -          explosion-proof motor


    Name Value
    Nominal diameter, mm 500
    Rated capacity, m3/s 3.65
    Total rated pressure, Pa 2000
    Maximum overall efficiency 0.66
    Electric drive power, kW 15
    Rotation speed, rpm 3000
    Set mass, kg 270
    Dimensions, mm
    Height 825
    Width 650
    Length 1020

    Trade mark

    Sanitary and epidemiological certificate


    License issued by Federal Office of Ecological, Technological and Atomic control

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