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    Sewer main hatches

    The hatches are designed to cover inspection pits of the city engineering services.

    Rain-water inlet grate I-200

    Cast-iron rain-water inlet grate is intended for installation at parking and city roads. Weight - 45 kg. Permissible load – 124 kN (12.5 t.s.)

    Connector assembly RSh-2

    It is designed for connecting and disconnecting of five-core flexible cable and for reversal of connecting electric motor in mine electric mains with voltage to 660 V which has control circuit with ground core.

    Spring-loaded safety valve КV-71-11-001

    Spring-loaded safety valve КV-71-11-001 is designed for air and vapour discharge when working pressure exceeds the set value.

    Spill-cock PК/1, PK/12

    PK/1 gate valves (relief valves) are designed to drain sediment from air system moisture and oil collector as well as to control compressed air supply at pressure of up to 16 MPa from the air engine start distributor.

    Shovels LS-1, I-87, I-115, I-121, I-236

    Shovels are designed for construction, lawn-and-garden and handling works.

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